by Ryan

You may not have heard the gunshot, but the video above is of poor Chris Osgood taking sniper fire at the end of last night’s Detroit/Dallas Game Two. No word on whether the culprit was found on the catwalks of the Joe, but word is Osgood’s gonna make it, so murder charges won’t be necessary.

Yes, it was a slash and pretty unnecessary; but so too was the butt end that starts the whole mess. If you want to talk about class, neither of them seem to be exuding it in that sequence. However, consider which is more dangerous: a slash to a chest protector designed to stop 100 MPH pieces of vulcanized rubber or a blunt object jammed into an unprotected face.

This may be the roving pickup winger in me saying this, but Osgood, with a 2-0 lead in the series and with nothing to prove, made a mistake. He also did the slow-mo crumple-to-the-ground-like-paper-in-fire move, which was just absurd. Ribero may not see the ice on Monday because of it, but after the crap Detriot got away with in that last minute, I say it might not sting so bad. Dallas would be losing one of it’s best players, but the message from Ribero that they aren’t going to take any more crap may be just what the team needs to get it together.


  1. twoeightnine

    If Ribero is suspended and Osgood isn’t it’ll just be further proof that the NHL just doesn’t get punishment for on-ice infractions.

  2. dani

    Freakin’ end of the period eff up. I hate that. I second twoeightnine.

  3. Ryan;_ylt=AlAnHAAgUl.qN9XVkFBf5YQ5nYcB?gid=2008051005
    The boxscore only has Ribero up with a 10 minute “attempt to injure” penalty. I know the refs didn’t see the butt end in real time, but if Colin Campbell has to follow what the refs did we may have our proof, 289.

    Hopefully Dallas submits the same video as Detroit does, but with Osgood’s name on the tape.