Greatest Hits

Twelve months is a long time when you post as often as I do. If you’ve been with us that long, Mom, go do something more constructive with your time. Otherwise, I would encourage you to take a look back at the ridiculous things we wrote back when we had no idea how to run this place. You can see the gradual increase in posts per month has peaked and leveled, (Seriously, was I on cocaine in February?) but there has been some interesting things published every month that, looking back, we’re pretty proud of.

With that in mind, here are what we consider best of the best, month by month. Hopefully you come away with the same reaction we had: we used to be much funnier. If you feel like we missed on something or are complete idiots, let us know. We are used to it…


” target=”_blank”>Excelsior– One of Ryan’s favorite words. Written in the wee hours of the morning following the Sabres’ playoff exit. A bit weepy, but the first thing he wrote here he actually liked.

Elastic Hearts– From Rich’s Buffalo Cane blog. This is the post that made us offer him a chance to write with us.

Monday Musings: Porn, Drugs, and Portis– The first time we actually thought people were reading.

The Ten Commandments of Jersey Wearing– This is something we feel strongly about, so much so that it will be revised over the summer to address some issues we’ve had over the last year. Stay tuned.

August 15th Will Be Huge in Austria– One of those late night throwaway posts that still makes us laugh.


Wild Wing, Cowboy Burgers, and the Verve– Ryan’s Stanley Cup post, with some hometown flavor. Still a fan of this one for sure.

The Case for Chris Drury– No one was reading, but Ryan was making his case. As I said, no one was reading…


Here Lies the Wreckage– A borrowed lyric from a friend. Probably the best way to sum up that day. Canada Day will never be the same.


Wha-ha-happened was…– This one we will never forget. Ryan deletes the blog and spends the next two days sifting through Google caches to piece it together post by post. Good times.


Burger King is Speaking, Listen up Tubby– We actually were cited by a health food blog for this one. They called the site “pithy”, and Ryan didn’t stop talking about it for days…


series. Again, proof that Darcy doesn’t read the Roost…

RoosTV: Buffalo Gets the Four Letter Treatment– Bills on MNF. Ryan was at the game and wanted to shoot himself in the face afterwards. “Luckily”, Chris live blogged it. Still hurts to read that final sentence.

Dead to Rights– Good take on how similar 06-07 Flyers are to the 07-08 Thrashers. Maybe. See for yourself…

Happy Birthday Wills McGahee– It had to be done.

Sharing is the Bee’s Knees– Favorite Bills post of all time. Full disclosure: the picture of Dick was taken after the MNF Dallas game, but I think I saved it for a good time…

Happy Halloween– Sophomore slump didn’t soften his pimp hand. Or his Right Hand.


76 Months Later– Chris takes a look at just what we got in the Hasek trade. It took us a while to figure out how we got Dan Paille. And they say bloggers don’t have integrity…

Storytime With Uncle Bucky– We’ve found that when Rich posts he makes it worth your time.

An Audience with Darth Quinn– It went better than the title suggests. Very interesting stuff.

Quote of the Year– Wade Belak is missed here in the Roost. Rich will be taking a trip to Sunrise to visit him for us. Hopefully he is in full uniform.

Maxsplosion– If the Sabres had a “Sex Cannon” this year, it was Max.


Sean Taylor– Rich had the best take on this.

Christmas Shopping with Joe Benanati– The thesaurus is underrated as a reference book.

Santa Claus on Mitchell Report– A higher message about the whole thing. Ryan is out there sometimes…

I Thought Sekera Got Sent Down…– Er… you had to be there. Late night, you see…


Happy, Happy New Year– The Winter Classic post. What a day that was.

Petey’s Place– The title came from the suggestion that Andrew Peters have his own sign at the arena.

Too Little Too Late– Too soon?


Roby Forecasts the Trap– Probably the hardest Ryan has worked on a post. At least four hours of photoshopping and a few games of NHL 95/08.

A View From the Roost: Slaying the DragonDISCUSS

You Might be a Leafs Fan If…– Word is that Bill Engval is in the running for head coach. This guy must be pumped.

A View From the Roost: The Natural– Favorite “I was there” post for sure.


Nolan <3s Miley– Moving on…

AVFTR: That Reflexive Cry– Ryan’s eulogy to the season almost two months early.

Captain by Committee, Act III Scene II– Okay, so we like Office Space…

One Bright Spot– Paul Gaustad finally makes my HDTV worthwhile…

The Source of the Problem– May or may not be kidding anymore…

The Cone of Silence– If you are keeping score at home, this is the post where you learn we are all crazy.

Chasing the Field– Some Pat Kaleta love. This was put on someone’s Facebook wall, and yes, we are very proud…


Talk About Being Proactive– Sadly believable.

In Defense of Number Fifty One– Another county heard from…

Blessed– Jon really should be the one doing all our photoshops…

Mission Statement– Buzz Bissinger and the State of the Roost Address.


Popsicles are Delicious– Bucky Gleason. Words about Danny Briere. You tell me how it ends.

Soupy’s Search for Magnolia Mountain– This post was a while in the making. Would have been done two weeks ago if not for JR’s Game Seven antics…