Gerbe Signed

Gerbe, a 20-year-old from Oxford, Mich., will make an NHL rookie maximum US$850,000 per season if he plays all three seasons with the Sabres. Buffalo selected the Hobey Baker Award finalist in the fifth round (No. 142 overall) of the 2005 NHL entry draft.

Only complaint I have on this one is that it took this long to get the deal done. Gerbe’s size is the biggest knock against him but it hasn’t stopped him at any level he’s played at. His historic Frozen Four last month proved that he’s tough as nails and won’t get pushed around. His first goal in the National Championship was a hard-nosed play where he simply put his head down and went to the net.

He’s got all the talent in the world and, frankly, I wouldn’t be shocked if he passed MacArthur on the depth chart by the time training camp lets out. Only problem is that the Sabres run the risk of being very small at center with Roy and Gerbe both standing under 5-9. But the Sabres have too many forwards as it is right now so unless Afinogenov, Kotalik, Peters and Connolly are all shipped out, I wouldn’t put a blue and gold Gerbe jersey in your shopping cart just yet.

All he needs now is a sick nickname.

Welcome to Buffalo.


  1. Jonathan Grant Keller

    Boston TV Channel 5 says 3 years $2 million….perhaps they rounded down?

  2. TheSharpie

    I already gave him a nickname — he’s The Hobbit! He’s small yet does great things.

  3. Anne

    I say we call him Frodo.

  4. coolman856

    I think the delay you saw there was just giving Gerbe a chance to settle a little. The kid has been on a whirlwind since the Frozen Four.

  5. dani

    I just have no nicknames. Nothing. I don’t think he needs one. Gerbe’s a good name.

    My father is the master nickname giver. I need to consult. He used to play hockey, so I got that nickname giving trait. It’s a curse.

  6. Jonathan Grant Keller


  7. Ryan

    The Flying Gyro

  8. Jonathan Grant Keller

    Little Eagle