For Your Consideration…

by Ryan

We don’t often talk about how people find the Roost, if only because it seems like an inherently “blogger” kind of thing to do. However, this Gogle search kind of surprised me:

paul posluszny frodo

Now, that is certainly something I had never considered. Poz didn’t get a ton of face time with the Bills this fall because of injury. In fact, it’s safe to say I’m most comfortable seeing him in a Bills hoodie pacing the sidelines, something that Hobbits never seem to do. However, because I was curious enough in my own regard, I compiled a brief photo-comparison of the two. (Click to Enlarge)

I guess you just have to judge for yourself. Personally, I don’t think he looks three feet tall, so that kind of throws the logic off a bit. Maybe he eats seven meals a day?


  1. dani

    Paul Posluszny. No lie… I’m currently writing about him right now. He does look a lot like him, minus the fact he’s a giant. I must say, Pos is much cooler. I love him but I’m not sure why because he played about, what, four games?

    P.S. Searches are fun, Ryan. OK?

  2. Ryan

    Hey, I didn’t say they weren’t. I’m the one that spent a good two hours with Google Image search because of them…

  3. Katebits

    Hm. This is pretty damning evidence. Good thing there is a pretty large height differential, or I’m not sure I could tell Poz and Frodo apart.