Daniel’s Reasons Why Not

by Ryan

It’s not stated as a question on the shirt, but I do have some answers.

– Your forecheck is abhorrent.

– Danny Briere is playing like a magical diving fairy.

– Steve Downie is a giver.

– Hal Gill.

– Marty Biron is not a bright-eyed god.

– Should have been called the Phaetons.

– This dude gender non-descript person:

– That Malkin kid is kind of a big deal.

– Richards can carry the team, but he can’t literally carry the team.

– Upshall avoids the penalty box like Amy Winehouse avoids cocaine.

– Holy God Braydon Coburn’s face.

Or maybe it’s that the Penguins are a better, faster, more skilled, and better performing team from top to bottom.

That, or God hates you.


  1. Katie

    I think this pretty much covered all possible reasons…

    Upshall avoids the penalty box like Amy Winehouse avoids cocaine.

    This may have been my favorite – I’m still laughing!

    God hates you.

    I pick this one. Haha

  2. brian s.

    Off topic.

    Did anyone read the John Buccigrass ESPN column this week? He did word associations where When I think of *insert NHL team*, I think of *blank*


    First answers for Buffalo? Not Mike Ramsey or Foligno. Not the Fog Game or No Goal. Not even The French Connection or the Ice Bowl. But Daniel Briere and Chris Drury.

    When there are national media not forgetting this, it’s understandable that some Sabres fans haven’t let go yet. I’m kind of surprised no one has mentioned this yet.

    *sorry I had nowhere else to rant about this.

    Flyers still suck.

  3. Ryan

    No, no, it was a good rant, Brian. In fact, I meant to get on this for Friday but wasn’t around. It will be mentioned this weekend for sure.

  4. Eric

    Shouldn’t it be “WHY NOT US?” Are you asking a question or making a statement?

    People in Philly are stupid.