By Jon

I can remember the conversation like it was yesterday. Chris shot me an IM.

“We both agree that we hate most sports blogs, right?”. I agreed with him.

“Wanna start one?”

It made perfect sense. Narcissists that we were/are, we thought that our hours-long conversations about the sports scene were worthy of a place on the internet for everyone to read. We asked Ryan to hop on board, Rich came along, and the rest is history.

Now, I won’t bore you with another post recounting that fateful private chatroom that led to the birth of our blog, but I will tell you that I’m proud of what we have here. I feel like we have accomplished what we set out to do: Hone our craft as aspiring writers while maintaining a (relatively) ethical approach.

I came in knowing nothing about the blogosphere. I was way more Bissinger than I was Leitch. But after a full year of checking what some of my fellow bloggers are writing everyday, I can say that I have been converted. I realize that blogs are essential to the current scene, especially to the lesser-covered sports. There’s such a great sense of community that appeals to me, a sense that is certainly lacking in the mainstream media.

So as we pat ourselves on the back today, I’d like to express thanks to all of the other bloggers out in the Buffalo blogosphere. You guys didn’t know it, but you’ve done a lot to shore up my ignorance concerning blogs.