Big Game Briere: A Photo Retrospective

by Ryan

That looks like a $4 million holding-the-stick-penalty if you ask me. Wait, he didn’t get called for it? Even better! That’s the market for ya…


Briere’s line in the biggest game of the season? 1A, 2 PIM, EVEN, 0 SOG, 17:02 TOI.

That makes him a putrid -3, with two shots and 4 PIM in three games against Pittsburgh. But hey, that secondary assists when you were down two goals was awesome. Totally clutch.

Good call, kid.


  1. Kate

    Ryan, I thought of you last night because one of the analysts on the NHL Network was doing a scathing review of Briere’s round 3 play. It included the suggestion that Staal vs. Briere was a “man vs. a little boy”. Heh.

  2. Ryan

    The sad thing is that Staal is the one that actually gets cited for underage drinking in that argument.

    I’m glad I could be associated with the argument, though, it makes the photoshop time worthwhile…