At the Half…

by Ryan

Things went a bit better for me here. Some other Roosters… well… see for yourself.

Round Two

Ryan- 4 points. Picked Pens/Detroit, retains dignity.
Chris- 4 points. Same as Ryan.
Rich- 2 points. Penguins, that’s it.
Jon- 0 points. Embarrassing

Coolman856- 6 points. Only missed Habs pick.
Katie- 6 points. Picked same as Coolman.
Sabresfan88- 4 points. Sames as Ryan and Chris
Anne- 4 points. Picked Pens and Stars
Anon- 3 points. Nailed Pens again.

Chris- 17
Rich- 16
Sabresfan88- 16
Coolman856- 15
Ryan- 13
Jon- 12
Anon- 10
Katie- 6 (One round)
Anne- 4 (One round)

Needless to say, after seeing Jon’s performance the Stress Buffalo wants in.

Bucky would have picked the Flyers. Stupid.

If you feel like getting a jump, feel free to leave picks in the comments. We will have up a robust preview of each series before they start, so wherever you leave them they will get registered.


  1. Jon

    My ballot had hanging chads.

  2. sabresfan88

    Wings in 6.
    Pens in 5.

  3. Anne

    Why am I so bad at this this year? I was all over the playoff predictions last year. Hahaha.

  4. coolman856

    Philly in 7
    Wings in 5

  5. Anonymous

    pens in seven, wings in five.