About Last Night…

by Ryan

A regular reader here asked me to “go easy” on the Red Wings, so I’m only going to say this:

When it is necessary for an image caption to include the referee’s full name, you know someone got hosed. No matter who you want to win that series, and how much you may or may not hate Holmstrom, you cannot possibly say the right call was made last night.

Regardless of how it would have affected the remainder of the game or any of those hindsight-fueled semantics, the point is that the ref made the wrong call. Somehow, the reviews aren’t able to overturn a call based on a split second glimpse or judgement call made by someone who could be partially obstructed, but those are the rules. However, when an official has a major impact on the outcome of a game you can’t be happy about it. This isn’t a late penalty, this isn’t an offsides call on a rush, this is taking the puck out of the net and taking a goal off the board. Literally.

If you are a hockey fan you are excited there is a game on Saturday; but if you worry about the integrity of the game, you may be shaking your head a bit this morning.