A Look Back on the Winter Classic

by Ryan

Today is that awkward day in between the hockey and the nothing that will envelop us all once the Stanley Cup Finals is over. During that whole “nothing” period I tend to think a lot, and because Game Three had such a great crowd involved, I keep going back to the idea of “home ice advantage” in the playoffs. There is a strong belief that it doesn’t count anymore, but many Penguins players swore by their home crowd after the victory.

If there is one thing I do know, it’s that I will forever associate the phrase “home ice advantage” with the Winter Classic; and since no one wants to read my thoughts on the usefulness of old buildings in the postseason, let’s just go through some pictures from the Winter Classic that I’ve never posted here. On the heels of the next Winter Classic being announced in Chicago, it makes even more sense to take a look back on the biggest sports day in Buffalo’s history. At some point during the summer we will probably wax poetic about it, but for now here are some sights from the day.

Pretty cool looking ice sculpture in the parking lot. Between the inflatables, the sculptures, and the free Amp outside, the pre-game activities were pretty well-rounded for those that don’t tailgate as hardcore as others.

The first look at the ice. I know I wasn’t the only one that got chills when I entered my section.

The flyover was pretty cool. I thought this one showed just how close they looked pretty well.

Around the curve. I’m sure someone with photo sense could have done better, but I stood the whole game and was just snapping shots while they cleaned the ice.

Yeah all that is snow from the ice. It’s no wonder one of the Zambonis broke down…

The NHL flags were a nice touch. They really did a nice job making the stadium NHL-centric, even making “the Rockpile” the “AMP Energy Zone.” Okay, so that one wasn’t so cool, but you get the idea…

Andrew Peters kissed Ryan Miller. I guess that explains a lot about this season…

What American sporting event isn’t complete unless you blow s$&t up? Even after you lose!

This is my favorite picture because although there is absolutely no explanation for this, it seems completely reasonable for a dumpster to be on fire.

Looking back, the pictures don’t do it justice. I guess we’ll have to wait for the DVD…

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  1. twoeightnine

    Easily the best sports day of my life. (That I didn’t play in.) Chills don’t describe the feeling that I had when I first saw the ice. Jack Kukoda and I just looked at each other and screamed. I couldn’t stop smiling and dancing in my seat.