37 Pieces of Flair and a Delightful Smile

This little fella is Big Brown. He is the favorite to win tomorrow’s Kentucky Derby starting at the 20th post.

This is Gayego. He didn’t get to pick a post spot and will be next to Big Brown in the 19th spot.

This is the coolest avatar selection screen you’ve ever seen. Actually, this is the post draw, and it is a really interesting process. This is one of the few times the four letter taught me anything, but that’s only because I’m too lazy to find it from a better source. The order of the horses is really interesting, as it makes a big difference in how a horse runs. But instead of talking about all that, let’s pick a horse for completely the wrong reasons. It’s the American way, really.



Does it matter? He’s at 6-1 odds and starts in the 9th post, which seems to be a good spot to start in. He also runs a +102 Beyer Speed Figure, although something I just read completely nullifies this factor because apparently Andrew Beyer picked Pyro and he sucks at picking the Derby. You see, isn’t it easier when you pick him based on his name? Who doesn’t love blowing stuff up?

Besides, it’s too easy to pick the favorite, and starting in the 20th post makes me leery. I just found out that no one has won from that post since 1929, and that piece of information I learned 5 minutes ago seems important enough for me to change my mind. Although in a recession, it would be a solid pick since that whole stock market crash thing happened around there. Plus everything happens in cycles like that, right San Jose?

Your picks and irrational reasons for them in the comments, if you will.


  1. Anonymous

    Colonel John.

    irrational reason: his jockey has been in eleven derbies to no avail. maybe he’s figured it out.

  2. dani


    Pyro because thats a funny picture. “Let me dooo iiiit!”

  3. dani

    Oh, and “The Game” is amazing.