Your Vague Posterboard of the Day

by Ryan

Okay, that’s clever, a presidential joke about hockey. Considering you are in the place where the country was first founded, that’s spot on. He may even just be a big fan of Harry Truman.

However, where exactly is this puck stopping? In front of Biron? That didn’t happen last night. What about in the back of the net? That seems a bit obvious, unless you are playing street hockey it’s not likely to shoot the back of the net out. (The side of the net is a whole other story…)

Perhaps he is referring to the glass, then? I mean… he is right about that one; the puck will won’t fly into the crowd because of the glass. Also, with the use of protective netting behind the rink ends to further shield spectators it would be almost impossible for a puck to get to that very spot.

Maaaaaaaaybe, he’s implying that he is some sort of superhuman with the ability to form a shield around both himself and that sign, thereby making it impossible for a puck to get past him no matter what safety precautions fail.

Or, he’s just a douchebag who likes to hold up signs that restrict the view of the people behind him. Either way, I’ll never be able to tell because of the ambiguity of his message.

The lesson here is that the most important thing about communicating is to give a clear, concise message. Jerk.

One Comment

  1. dani

    If that guy was in front of me, I might have been arrested.