Why I Love the Postseason, Vol II

by Ryan

How intense is this picture?

My first thought was that not many people I know get that excited about a penalty call. My second was that Mike Richards may be the whiniest Flyer I’ve ever seen. After some thought I remembered that during the playoffs everyone gets that hyped over a penalty, and that Danny Briere is on the Flyers too.

The Caps looked like a completely different team at home today, but the real test will be whether they can overcome a rabid atmosphere in Philly to bring it back to the Phone Booth one more time. Between that Game Six and the little get together in Montreal, it will be one heck of a Monday.

For now my insomniac interests have turned to staring at Jon’s terrifying paint incarnation of himself (see below), Aldous Huxley, and the ever important schedule of tomorrow’s games. Hopefully I’m awake for Preds/Wings tomorrow.

It shouldn’t be a problem. Either way I’ll get just as much ice time as Hasek…