The Non-Death Wish

by Ryan

This above is something we are used to seeing around here. The start of something big, a building just off the fringe of Toronto’s Air Canada Centre. But the difference between this construction project and the ones we are used to is the end result. See for yourself:

The Toronto Maple Leafs are going to have their own building. No, not their own venue, every team has one of those; the Leafs and MLSE are spending $500 million to make two 54-story buildings next to their home arena.

Now, when in your life has this ever seemed remotely possible in Buffalo? This would be like Ralph Wilson constructing a nice little condo just off of One Bills Drive, or the Sabres putting a shopping center/office building on the waterfront. Has any of that ever, ever even crossed your mind?

This is the sad reality of the Bills playing in Toronto, and while my snap reaction is one of anger, I’m well aware of the reality of the situation. There is an amazing force in Toronto that just isn’t in surplus around Western New York: money. And so while the GTA expands and the skyline morphs by the year, not much is changing around these parts.

The decision to go North makes sense fiscally, and while it seems like such a cruel, cruel betrayal, the former is all that really matters to the people who make these decisions. No matter how many Buffalonians hate it, and no matter how many Argos fans fight it, there is enough money and enough interest to make it work. People are going to show up to these games and they will make a lot of money over the next five years.

It will work, and I suppose I’ve made amends with that. Yeah, I’m going to hate it the whole way, but it is going to be a “rousing success” and I’ve almost gotten over it. Okay, that’s a freaking lie, but you just can’t be blind to this whole thing anymore. This is reality, and since when has reality been kind to those in the Queen City?

Excelsior, I guess.


  1. dave in Rocha

    “No matter how many Buffalonians hate it, and no matter how many Argos fans fight it, there is enough money and enough interest to make it work.”

    This is exactly why I told Ralph to f*** off in my post a while back. It’s a cold, hard cash grab, nothing else. It’s not to ensure any future. It’s not to expand the game. It’s because he can profit even more up there.

    And yes, I think that makes him a dirty whore. If every owner thought that way, the only cities with NFL teams would be the 32 largest media markets in America. Hello Portland, Hartford, Columbus, Orlando, Sacramento, LA and Raleigh. Goodbye Buffalo, Cincy, Jacksonville, Green Bay, New Orleans, as well as maybe the Jets and Raiders (NY and SF/Oak are the two markets with two teams).

  2. Dave

    Trent-“These Canadians suffer from a serious inferiority complex. That’s why they built this: The Canadian National Tower! World’s largest free-standing structure!”

    Trent-“It is the height of six American football fields, or five Canadian football fields. As if Canadian football really counts.”

    Beast-“Canadians are always dreaming up a lotta ways to ruin our lives. The metric system, for the love of God! Celsius! Neil Young!

    Trent-“Think of your children pledging allegiance to the maple leaf. Mayonnaise on everything. Winter 11 months of the year. Anne Murray – all day, every day.

  3. dani

    “It will work, and I suppose I’ve made amends with that.”

    I will hate it until it actually happens and until I go to a game in Toronto and have “fun.”

    I suppose it’s better than having to travel to California… or something.

    Dave, I agree. Celsius completely blows.

  4. Dave

    ha if you diddnt know those quotes are from Micheal Moore’s Canadian Bacon.

  5. Ryan

    Dave in Rocha,

    I agree, it’s a cash grab plain and simple. I just look at what’s happening in Seattle and can’t shake how easily we could be that team. When the comish and the owners turn their back on the people, it’s only a matter of time.

    Other Dave,

    I’m a miracle whip person, myself…


    Agreed, well… at least on the celsius thing.

  6. dani


    Every time I try and watch Canadian Bacon, I keep having flashbacks to 5th grade when my teacher told the class he was an extra in that movie. He was a jack ass. My life is ruined.