1. Anne

    Of all the players to show too. They couldn’t have picked someone who we like to blame for losses…Kalinin maybe? Not Yo-yo. Ugh, that was definitely a punch in the stomach.

  2. Anne

    On another note, after looking at those sticks, is there any kind of rhyme or reason to their order? 22 26 4 55? It’s not like they’re by position or number or alphabet. Maybe THAT’s the problem. The players sticks are all out of whack and THAT’s why they lose games…ok ok I’m just looking for excuses.

  3. Ryan

    You might be on to something, Anne. One of my friends used to work for the Sabres last year. I’ll see if they were organized any different…

    Hey, isn’t grasping at straws what the offseason is all about? We might spend the summer looking at all the winable games they blew and figuring out where we should have ended up…