The Bettman Does Not Approve

Bettman: Yikes, did you just see that?

Guy: Yeah, what a jerk. That’s a completely unnecessary spin-o-rama by Campbell there. It was a lose-lose situation that only makes him look like a show off if it works, which it didn’t. What a turn of events it would have been if that forechecker scored.

Still, it ended any chance of a late push up ice by the Sharks, as well as exposed Campbell’s antics as a bit overrated to say the least. Instead of making the smart pass to one of five teammates he made a careless move just to hear an impressed cheer from the Calgary crowd. Not a good showing from Brian so far this postseason. Do you think it will hurt his signing bonus come July, Gary?

Bettman: Wha-What? I was just wondering if you saw that kid with the Aquaman t-shirt behind the penalty box.

Guy: Oh… yeah, I did. I wonder what his problem was?

Bettman: Yeah, what a loser.