Talk About Being Proactive…

by Ryan

Rumors are swirling that the Buffalo Sabres are close to extending top scorer Jason Pominville. In a move that can only be described as poetic justice, the Sabres are reportedly offering an eight year deal worth $52 million, exactly the same amount former captain Daniel Briere received last summer from Philadelphia. Initial word is that the deal will include a no trade clause as well as a guarantee of permanent captaincy next October.

The first year of the deal would make Pominville the NHL’s newest $10 million man along with teammate Thomas Vanek, who has struggled under the pressure of his new deal. Sabres braintrust Darcy Regier and Larry Quinn were apparently concerned with the possibility of a large offer sheet being extended to Jason next summer when he is scheduled to be a restricted free agent. Sabres managment was burned by such a move last July when Edmonton GM Kevin Lowe gave Vanek a 7 year, $50 million offer sheet, which the Sabres subsequently matched.

Pominville currently leads the team in with 78 points in 79 games. A +17 on the season, he has improved his defensive zone play while taking on a larger leadership role, being named captain for the month of March. He is set to make $1.357 million next year before the rumored contract will kick in.

[via Hockey Buzz]


  1. Ian


    Seeing “via Hockeybuzz” had me feeling alright the whole time.

  2. Amy

    I know its from Hockybuzz, and its probably not worth the cyberspace its written on, but I really do like that offer. It would be another step towards locking the core of this team together for a long time.

    Also, on one hand, I’m surprised about the permanent captaincy being included, but on the other I’m not. Pommers has really grown up this year. Not bad for a guy who was supposed to shrivel on the vine with the loss of Briere.

  3. Amy

    Oh crap, its April Fool’s Day, isn’t it. That’s what I get for not clicking links.

    Good one!

  4. Jennifer

    I think you should send this proposed offer to the “powers that be” in Buffalo. Maybe they can make it happen!

    Thanks for the “April Fool”!

  5. Anne

    You’re evil. Hahahahahaha.

  6. Jennifer

    Evil isn’t the word I was thinking of, but it was pretty good. Ryan, you have a great sense of humor.

  7. Anonymous

    that was not cool

  8. danielleia

    haha I’m like… what is going on?

  9. ogre39666

    you got me… would’ve been sweet if it was a true rumor

  10. Ryan

    And they said I couldn’t write “hard news”…