Some Things You’d Like to Know

by Ryan

I’ve been posting a lot today, because, as you can see, I’m excited about the playoffs. Some things you may like to have handy, as well as some picks:

Playoff Schedule

List of Officials for Playoffs (Screw you, Van Massenhoven!) Playoffs Channel

CBC’s Match Up Pages

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Comcast or Yahoo Sports will have any games online. I guess you will have to resort to illegal methods or pay the money for Center Ice. Bummer.

You didn’t get this from us. This isn’t a way to see games online. Ignore this link. Nope, nothing to see there…

Now for some picks. It is a tired game, I know, everyone in their brother picks games and expects people to read exactly how they feel about a particular series. I’m not going to do that. Instead, I’ll put a sentence or two of my logic behind the pick and leave it at that. The other Roosters will have their picks up as well.


Canadiens in 6- The Habs are as a very good team. The Bruins are built for postseason play. The difference will be Carey Price, who will be this spring’s version of 05-06 Cam Ward. He’s the real deal, and so is Montreal.

Penguins in 5- Ottawa is a sinking ship that still wants to talk a big game. I’ll let Gary Roberts do the talking for me:

“I really have no comment. He has an opinion, that’s fine. We know that we didn’t go out there to throw the hockey game. I’ve never put my skates on in my career where I’ve gone out hoping to lose or wanting to lose.”

Gary Roberts is a beast. I still can’t believe Timmy broke him in December. He’s the type of leader this team just didn’t have this year. If they lose to Ottawa I would be downright shocked.

Washington in 6- I really, really doubt Philly’s D will have any success holding Ovechkin down. I can’t wait to see the Verizon center filled with Red, waiting for AO to explode when that goal light goes on. Mike Richards has stepped up big down the stretch, but I don’t think it will be enough. For once the Southeast holds strong in the three seed.

Rangers in 7- This will either be the most boring or the most exciting match up of the first round. No in between. Lundquvist is as shutdown as they come in the playoffs, and so is Brodeur. Expect overtimes, and expect a certain number 23 to make his money.

Nashville in 6- Taking a chance here, but I like how the Preds have played Detroit this year. Red Wings are known for struggling in the postseason in recent times, and although the goaltending of Mason and whatshisname in the Music City worries me, let’s throw JP a bone here.

San Jose in 7- This is not the Brian Campbell pick that it appears to be. I love Calgary’s style and fans, but the Sharks are just too good. It will be harder than most seem to think, but I think San Jose and Anaheim are destined for a Battle of California to win the west.

Minnesota in 6- I like everything about Minnesota, but they are battling some injuries on the Defensive front (sound familiar?). Colorado has some star power with Sakic, Smyth, and Foppa, but I think the Wild will manage to take this one behind Backstrom’s solid goaltending.

Anahiem in 5- The Ducks are built for the postseason. I’ve slobbered all over Brian Burke before, so why back down now? They will defend the Cup deep into the postseason, as expected.


Montreal in 5
Pittsburgh in 6
Rangers in 7
Washington in 7
Detroit in 5
San Jose in 6
Colorado in 7
Anaheim in 7


Montreal in 5
Penguins in 5
Washington in 7
Devils in 6
Detroit in 6
San Jose in 6
Colorado in 5
Dallas in 6

Habs in 4. Habs can score, Bruins can’t.
Pens in 6. I don’t like Ottawa’s goaltending and with Alfie out, the Sens are going to struggle.
Caps in 7. Go CAPS!
Rangers in 7. Rags have more firepower than NJ. Lundqvist will need to steal at least one.
Red Wings in 5. I’ll be rooting for Dumont and the boys but it doesn’t look prosperous.
Sharks in 6. Going in, I planned on rooting for the Sharks and Flames out west. Now I have to choose, so because I picked the Sharks are going to win the Cup, I’m sticking with the teal.
Avs in 6. The Wild have too many injuries on the blue line and don’t open things up enough.
Ducks in 5. I see Anaheim’s defense and forecheck shutting down Dallas’ shallow attack.
And Ryan’s making us all look bad with that deep analysis of his.

If you’ve like to play along with us, put your picks in the comments. We’ll figure out a way to score them once things get going. The winner will get… something fantastic, I’m sure.


  1. Sabresfan88

    I’ll bite…

    Red Wings in 5.
    Sharks in 6.
    Avs in 6.
    Ducks in 5.

    Habs in 5.
    Pens in 6.
    Caps in 7.
    Rangers in 6.

  2. Sabresfan88

    Heh. Same as Chris, except I gave the Bruins and Devils each an extra game.

  3. Anonymous

    Habs in 5.
    Pens in 4.
    Caps in 6.
    Devils in 7.
    Preds in 6.
    Sharks in 5.
    Minne in 5.
    Ducks in 5.

    Avs are old, Wings are ancient. Pens are stacked, yet everyone scores. I’m basically in love with J.P. Dumont, so I’ve actually followed them for a bit…I like Cheechoo and co, kind of always have (even if I never pay consistant attention to the west..) like Price, like Ovie…and am sick to death of Captain Clutch. not that I’m bitter.

  4. coolman856

    Why not:

    Predators in 7
    Sharks in 5
    Wild in 5
    Stars in 6

    Canadiens in 5
    Pens in 6
    Caps in 6
    Devils in 5