by Ryan

This video is what the next two days are all about. Even sitting here in postseason-less Western New York, the tense feeling of playoff hockey is in the air. It’s palpable, and something that players and fans alike feed off of.

Three series will be decided over the next two days. All three have a little bit of insanity attached to them.

Taking down the favourite.

Surviving the onslaught.

Rising to the occasion for one last trip home.

The next 48 hours are the very best that playoff hockey can offer you. Sixty minutes to justify your very existence. Two teams go head to head knowing that for one it will be the final time they take the ice. Game 7 is the place where heroes are made and anonymity is not an option. The players that just haven’t performed so far will be noticeably absent when the final horn sounds. No excuses. No second chances.

How can you not get chills when you watch that?

During the playoffs the marketing gurus for various sports start tossing around catch phrases for the postseason. “Show me something” or “where amazing happens” or whatever. When it comes to Game 7, however, nothing needs to be said.

Get ready to shiver.

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  1. Rich

    +1 for the Canadian spelling of favorite. I, however, choose to spell it the ‘Merikan way.