People of San Jose, Brian Campbell is Not a Ginger God

That smile is just after a great defensive play by Brian Campbell that looks oddly familiar. Anyone remember this goal?

Brief transcript of the broadcast tonight:


That’s just a rough sketch, I didn’t have time to record it all. However, that was one smooth Popsicle stick when they got done.

For the record, this was Campbell’s line: 27:07TOI, 1A, 2SOG. Solid.

I hope he makes $9 mill next year. That way he will be worth exactly half his contract.

It’s funny, CBC was talking about how he was nervous tonight and that’s what postseason hockey does to you. Did anyone north of the border catch his last few weeks in a Sabres uniform? Didn’t look very different to me.


  1. Heather B.

    Iginla is awesome but he FELL DOWN and he still managed to beat Campbell. After the goal Campbell definitely had that tragic “I’m thinking about falling apart” look about him so I’m interested to see what happens in the rest of the series.

  2. Ryan

    I think he will come back stronger, but it just blows my mind that people 1) see this struggle as new, or 2) completely miss it and constantly mention he’s the missing ingredient in some imaginary championship chocolate cake recipe. Crazy.

    (I’ll give credit to Chris for the “missing ingredient” joke…)

    Also, Iginla was really good tonight. We tend to forget about him on the right coast, but he always comes to play. Tomorrow night will be fun.

  3. Heather B.

    I always say I love Iginla because I do but yeah, I totally forget how good he really is. I wish we saw him more.

  4. Anne

    Jarome Iginla is one of my favorite players in the league because he really can do it all, and he’s a total class-act. I would’ve watched more of last night’s “Brian Campbell Spectacular” but I couldn’t stand hearing them going on and on about him for another second.