Out On the Limbs Where the Fruit Be

Round Two starts tonight, and if you missed hockey yesterday you weren’t alone. Just imagine how July is going to feel…

Our picks for this round:

Ryan, First Round Forgettable 9

Habs in 5- Price was the difference last series and will be once again. Briere will hear it from the crowd throughout and will either win one for the hobbitses or crumble. I don’t think it will matter either way, with Kaptain Koivu back the Habs will be back to form.

Penguins in 6- I’m more excited about this series than Maggie the Monkey was about the TSN buffet table. Lundqvist is an outstanding goaltender but Fleury is looking like the first overall pick he is supposed to be this spring. My mancrush on Chris Drury tells me he will be a factor, but Malkin and Crosby won’t be denied this year. Sean Avery < Jarko Ruutu. Detroit in 7- Colorado certainly made me look twice in the first round, but I think Detroit may get it together in time to lose in the Conference Finals. San Jose in 6- It would be in four if they had some decent anthem singers. Sax? Really? C’mon guys, this isn’t a recital, it’s the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Jon, First Round 12

Habs in 6- I keep going back and forth on this one, but I think the Habs PP will be the difference.

Rangers in 7- As much as I hate him, I can’t wait to see what Avery has in store for Crosby and Malkin. The difference in this series will be the goaltending; Look for Lundqvist to give the Rags the edge.

Avs in 6- Theodore has been a man possessed, and the Hasek/Osgood situation may cause a distraction.

Sharks in 5- I know I’m in the minority here, but I really don’t see this being much of a series. I don’t see the Dallas D containing Thornton, and Nabokov has been the best in the league all year.

Chris, First Round 13

Habs in 6. I want to pick Montreal in 5 but after seeing Boston give them so much trouble, I’ll say Philly steals two games.

Pens in 6. The Rangers will keep things interesting because they’ve got great goaltending and guys up front that know how to win. The long layoff will play a big factor I think, and Pittsburgh will be able to get their legs moving faster with the home crowd behind them early.

Wings in 6. Should be like old times. If Theodore keeps up his play, this might go the distance

Sharks in 7. I like whoever comes out of this series to win the whole thing. Both teams are good enough to beat any of the other teams out there.

Rich, First Round 14

Habs in 5

Pens in 6

Avs in 6

Sharks in 6

The man says very little, but is beating us all. He is also computer-less at the moment, and probably reading this via an iPod Touch. Whatever, man, whatever.

Again, feel free to leave your picks in the comments, even if you didn’t play the first go around. We have three people in the last post that are locked in. At the very least you are going to score higher than me…


  1. dani

    “My mancrush on Chris Drury tells me he will be a factor, but Malkin and Crosby won’t be denied this year.”

    “Sean Avery < Jarko Ruutu."

    Yes and yes (and yes about the weather too).

  2. coolman856

    I know this is kind of late but here it goes:

    Penguins in 6
    Canadians in 5
    Stars in 5
    Red Wings in 7

  3. Anonymous

    habs in 5

    pens in 5

    wings in 7

    sharks in 6

  4. Rich

    Why yes, I am commenting from my ipod. At least until I get out to Californee where they have Internet.

  5. Chris

    god bless the ipod touch. i love mine.