Obligitory Nathan Gerbe Post

If anything, I was just excited that hockey was on the Four Letter again.

In case you weren’t aware of him, Nathan Gerbe is going to be good. The four of us saw him at rookie camp last year and I for one was pretty impressed with how he handled himself on the ice. It’s not that he plays bigger then he is, but rather that his size doesn’t stop him from playing the game the way he wants to. He went to the front of the net to against very big defensemen like Funk and Weber and wasn’t afraid to get hit (and he did).

It’s very early to say what he does and where he ends up come fall (Buffalo, Maine, Oregon, San Juan, The Former Yugoslavia…), but it is good to see the players “in the system” show us that we do pick them well. Now about holding onto him…


  1. Kris Baker

    I don’t know what’s more impressive.

    1.58 points-per-game
    1.05 points-per-inch

    The .538 goals-per-inch is pretty cool, too.

  2. Ryan


    I think points-per-inch is the new “$-per-at-bat”.

    Also, I forgot to add you to the blogroll, so I’ll take care of that now…