Let’s Recap that Shootout, Shall We?

by Ryan

Let’s forget about that first goal.

The backhand, what else was he going to do? It should be trademarked as “The Move” by now.


(Pominville 40 feet high and wide)

Wow. We can win it.

(Derek Roy hit by sniper fire)

Honestly I didn’t watch this.

(Stafford post)


(Vanek Post-acular)

Twitching at this point.

Holy crap Max, just end it.

Wooooooooooooow. Thank God.

Somehow, even if that game took 19 months off my life, we are still alive.

Your turn, Brodeur.


  1. Anne

    Earlier in the season, Kotalik once decided to shoot forehand and (obviously) missed. If we were friends, I wouldn’t have talked to him for a week after that. As he was skating up last night, I was hurling idle threats about keying his car and so forth if he didn’t do his usual. He must’ve heard me. I take all credit for his shootout goal. You’re welcome.

  2. Jennifer

    Anne – Thank you for the help. I’ll have to hit the ABC Store before tomorrow night. I’m all out, after that torture the boys put us through last night.

  3. Jennifer

    I don’t know if Lindy watched the shoot out or not, but as soon as it was over, they showed him making a b-line out of there. He probably had to go and throw-up.

  4. Ryan

    Lindy said he only watched the Sabres shooters after Miller let the first SO goal in. I’d say he was looking to get out of there in a hurry…