"Karma Police"

by Ryan

One of the coolest pictures I’ve seen all year. Still, this is the picture that matters:

Winner winner, chicken dinner.

Boston picks up a point, but we can still catch them. Maybe. Sort of. But hey, it’s not over yet.

Philadelphia saw a lot of this:

And finished up looking like this:

The good news is that we are not eliminated from the playoffs yet. The bad news is that the Hurricanes won, which means Washington can’t win the division without eliminating us in the process. We now want the Canes to win the Southeast and hopefully watch the Caps lose out.

Brad Riter of Buffalo Main Event has a good breakdown of what needs to happen, but here’s the deal: two teams need to lose out. Still. Tonight was huge, but it only means we are alive for another 24 hours.

So far the Radiohead worked, but sleep well folks, things get even messier tomorrow.


  1. M.J.

    Outstanding work with the Radiohead title. A+

    and that Philly pic is truly a thing of beauty.

  2. danielleia

    At the end of the game when there was a time out called, one of the Flyers sitting next to the coach (can’t remember who) wasn’t even paying attention. They were all gathering around the clipboard and he was just sitting there in defeat looking really really pissed off. I should take a picture.

  3. Ryan

    It’s always nice to see that mythology and Radiohead are alive and well in the hockey world.

    God forbid Philly loses again, Sunday could be the most exciting Sabbath in some time…