Inches on Ice

by Ryan

The Minnesota Wild just won in overtime. If you haven’t been watching, both teams have been playing some good hockey tonight and have been pretty equal overall in this series. It’s no coincidence that they have gone to overtime in all three games so far.

However, the difference in this series was a single bounce. Minnesota’s Defensemen dumped the puck in deep and it looks like an icing is coming. However, the puck bounces off the end boards, off the side of the net, and inches from Brian Rolston. Rolston recovers, makes the pass to Bouchard, and he buries it.

After all that hockey, after three games and over 10 periods, the single decision of which side of the net to go around is the difference in that series. That’s playoff hockey, and when it’s not a blowout, it’s the simplest of things that matter.

Ottawa can bring back anyone they want, there is no way they are beating Pittsburgh. Tonight was the kitchen sink game and they came up short. Sid and Hossa showed us that the Pens can shift into another gear if they need it, something that not many teams have done so far this postseason. With Montreal’s struggles the last two games it looks like Crosby and Co. are the clear favorites in the East so far.

It’s funny, in the off season Hasek is all over a scene like that.

Nice Phantoms uni, kid.