Dropping the Ball

by Ryan

The NFL Draft is today, and everyone here in the Roost is excited about it. However, two of us are going to be in Cleveland this weekend taking in some baseball, completely missing this year’s draft. Also, the usual infatuation I have with the football off season has been diminished because I’ve been watching hockey religiously over the past… eight months. So… with the Roost a bit empty today I thought I’d give a few places to go to get some information on the draft:

Buffalo Rumblings is a fantastic Bills site. We’ve been big fans since we started blogging here and they have done a great job with the off season and free agency. I expect that to continue for the Draft, and they have a nice new layout just in time for today’s events.

Kissing Suzy Kolber is also supposed to have a live blog for the day, and they always have something hilarious to say. A national perspective not from Chris Berman is always good for some balance.

WNY Water Cooler has been talking Bills football all month, and are worth a look as well.

Bills Dominate has been doing mock drafts all week, so take a look at those for sure.

We will have some posts this weekend for sureI have posts in draft for the entire weekend because I never sleep, but if anything crazy happens… be sure to text us.

Also, just because we are going there for baseball doesn’t mean we forget how the Bills playoff hopes ended.

Screw you Cleveland. “Lake Effect Snow”? What the hell is that?