Down and Out

By Jon

It’s over. No more meaningful games. No more scoreboard watching. No playoffs.

Here’s to an offseason chock full of second guessing and Bucky Gleason columns. Color me thrilled.


On a more upbeat note, the first intermission was a landmark moment for the Roost. On the way to a commercial break, Kevin Sylvester revealed to the world that our own Chris was named the Sabres Student of the Month! Everyone should be sure to leave a note of congratulations in the replies, because I know the ever-so-studious Chris is completely proud of this incredible accomplishment and not-at-all embarrassed by his name being broadcast to thousands of homes across New York State and Southern Ontario.

Be sure to check in tomorrow for an exclusive interview with this month’s Student of the Month (which is almost as good as captain of the month!).


  1. Ian

    Hahaha that’s awesome. When he announced that I was just thinking how someone is probably embarrassed right now.

    Seriously though, congrats. That sounded pretty cool.

  2. Ryan

    Jon didn’t win because he can’t spell.

  3. Becky

    Congratulations Chris!

  4. Jon

    I should have just left it at “congrats”