Dear Sabres Management,

This is how you run a “white out.”

It usually helps when you try it on years where the majority of the fan base doesn’t buy $200 jerseys. Putting a $2 shirt over that is a tough sell, eh? Although at this point, I think I’d buy anything Sidney Crosby is selling…

Jesus, even the dude with the tie did it right. Plus it makes it easier to pick out the Ranger fans. Speaking of Rangers fans… I was walking around a mall today and saw someone with an old Rangers third jersey. (The one with the Liberty Head on the front…) It was, of all things, a Matthew Barnaby jersey. As I walked past him I said, “Pens in 6.”


  1. twoeightnine

    The guy with the tie is wearing an upside down visor and sunglasses indoors. Neither of those is right.

  2. Ryan

    So, so true. It was a rush job for sure…