Broken Hub

by Ryan

Montreal closes the door on the Bruins at home, letting Bill Simmons get on board juuuust long enough to get punched in the stomach. I didn’t know about this until the game was over, but thank God Boston lost. Let him go through purgatory with a hockey team before the spoils of war come. Bandwagoner.

(On that note, Happy Patriots Day everyone!)

Carey Price was indeed the difference in this series, making me right about at least one thing in the first round.

Speaking of predictions, the scoring for our first round picks will go as follows: 2 points for picking the team correctly, and a bonus point for picking the right number of games. Once tomorrow’s games are over I’ll post the results along with picks for the second round. If you didn’t get a chance to pick for the first round, feel free to pick the rest of the way, we didn’t give much notice for the first round.

If you will, read the Simmons column and tell me if I’m being too hard on the guy. I am glad he is getting back into hockey because it is good to have a national voice interested in the game, but doesn’t it feel like a bit of a cop out? If you care that much about a team, can you ever just leave it for dead like that?

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  1. twoeightnine

    Nope. He’s a douche. Someone get him a pink jersey and hat.