Bouncing Balls and Enveloping Envelopes

No Yolanda Vega tonight to call out the winners, but we’ll make do.

Is the process confusing? Absolutely, but here we are at the NHL Draft Lottery. Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: not every team has a shot at the first overall pick.

Dr. Mirtle has already done a pretty good job of explaining the way the lottery works (basically you can only move up a maximum of four spots, so only the bottom five teams have a shot at #1. And you can only move down as little as one spot from where you sit before the balls drop).

So Tampa Bay is guaranteed either the first or second pick in 2008. Los Angeles can move up to one, and fall no farther than third. The Islanders can pick anywhere in the top 6. At 13, Buffalo has a .8% of jumping up to the ninth pick and can only slip as low as 14.

1. Steven Stamkos, C
2. Zach Bogosian, D
3. Drew Doughty, D
4. Alex Pieterangelo, D
5. Nikita Filatov, LW
6. Luke Schenn, D
7. Mikkel Boedker, LW
8. Colin Wilson, C
9. Tyler Myers, D
10. Cody Hodgson, C

And….the results of the lottery…
#1. Lightning
#2. Kings
#3. Thrashers.
#4. Blues.
#5. Islanders. Intersting tidbit: Tim Connolly was a former #5 pick by the Isles.

Snoozefest. Just as planned. Way to go NHL. Nothing more exciting than watching a guy open envelopes and then everything happen as if nothing happened at all.

And..the rest of the draft (so far):
#6. Columbus.
#7. Toronto.
#8. Phoenix.
#9. Nashville (from Florida).
#10. Vancouver.
#11. Chicago.
#12. Ducks (from Oilers).
#13. Sabres.
#14. Hurricanes.

Draft will be held June 20-21 from Ottawa. The Roost will have some coverage leading up to the draft. We may even Facebook friend some of the prospects for you all.


  1. Anne

    I laughed outloud for longer than necessary at those ridiculously comically oversized envelopes that dude had to open. He had a look on his face of “Is this absolustely necessary?”

  2. Ryan

    I miss the era of ping pong balls. The least they could have done was show us a ping pong ball or two…

  3. dani

    hahaha YESSS! I thought Yolanda when I watched that too! And did he completely ruin the moment during the envelope revealing process when he skipped from 3 to 1? He definitely didn’t show number two. Or was that they way it was supposed to go?

  4. Ryan


    It’s usually a toss up with how they handle the 2 and 1 picks. I’ve seen it done both ways between the NHL and NBA draft lotteries. Either way it kind of kills the drama, you know?

    Personally, I like when they show the 2 pick first becuase they have to show the GM from that team looking not too happy with a quick switch to the winning GM. Good times.