6+ Hours of Queen and David Bowe

by Ryan

To some it may sound like an obscure form of torture the fine folks at Guantanamo Bay have to endure. For me, it is one of the most exciting days of the year. Starting at 7:00 pm tonight, the hockey world gets put on the edge of its collective seats.

In Washington the great comeback continues, with Alexander Ovechkin leading the way back into the Phone Booth.

The stick may be all white, but tonight will be all about the red.

At 10:00 pm it will be about the red as well, but mostly it will be about San Jose trying to hang on against the Flames.

I would have put a picture of Brian Campbell here, but it seems he hasn’t shown up in this series.

Hopefully we will see something special out of one of these games. No matter what, it is an exciting day for fans no matter what allegiance. I’ve already had my say about Game Seven.

Let’s hope the winners take it better then Montreal did last night. After all, it’s just Round One.