3% of a Dream

by Ryan

Tonight is an off day if you are a Sabres fan. The team is more than likely on their way to Montreal for a game on Thursday, but while in transit their playoff hopes could be finally put to rest.

Boston @ New Jersey
Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh

These games are the most important non-Sabres games of the year, folks. If the Bruins or Flyers win, we have one less team to chase down.

My hopes for tonight lie in the illustrations presented by these two photographs:

This is part of an excellent collection of art by Kent Rogowski called “Bears”. It is a very interesting premise, and something that we would like to see happen to the Bruins tonight. All year they have been able to trap the crap out of teams and settle for points (see Sunday night) and maintain a lead on us. For our sake, let’s hope the Devils turn them inside out and return the favor.

The Pensblog is by far my favorite non-Sabres hockey blog on the web. That being said, I’m sure they won’t mind if I steal that image from them and put my support behind them for tonight and Sunday against the Flyers. The Penguins are a downright scary team when healthy, but Philly always seems to play them tough.

The scoreboard matters tonight. Get ready to refresh your scores page, everybody. If you need something to listen to while you worry, I’d go with the obligatory Bon Jovi song on loop 300 times. If not, maybe something mellow like Radiohead’s “OK Computer” will suit you.

Let’s hope for “No Surprises” tonight.


  1. Jennifer

    There are no off days for Sabres fans until the last breath of hope is sucked out of us all.

    Love the Pensblog image, couldn’t express my feelings any better and may the Devils tear the Bruins limb from limb tonight.


  2. Jennifer

    And is anyone could take out Chara & Briere, they would be my favorite non-Sabre (right now anyway).