1. Heather B.

    Hey, did whichever one of you guys who was reading God Save the Fan (Chris?) ever finish it? How was it? Worth picking up? That was one of you guys, right?

  2. Anne

    I enjoy that you’ve tagged this post with “Tim Connolly”.

  3. Dave

    Bernie better stay in too.

  4. Ryan


    Chris was the one that was supposed to read it. I believe he “skimmed” it and thought it was good. I almost bought it on Saturday, actually…


    I’m a bit disappointed that the tag got cut off, the whole thing is “Stay home Tim Connolly.”


    Amen. I was going to do him but decided on the alcoholism tag…

  5. Anne


    Oh, now I get it, ha. I just assumed it was 2 different tags. Too bad it got broken up like that.

  6. Dani

    Again… the green slug kills me.

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