Return of Max Boobs

by Ryan

Well isn’t that the most unlikely pair of joyful celebrators you’ve seen in some time.

Max was great tonight and I’m really happy to say that. He looked awful on Friday but he has slowly returned to relative form. If he morphs into the Max of last year this thing is far from over. Can you imagine if we could realistically keep a point-per-game Max on our 3rd line? Yikes.

Bernier showed up tonight, and I think pairing him with Goose and Max is a good call. Initial impressions are nice, but I just don’t think Steve is going to be a top line player at the moment. Also he seemed to play much better on the road. Maybe Lindy should monitor the activities at his hotel room in the city…

Sekera was surprisingly solid at 24:47 of TOI. As much as I rag on Balls Sekera, I really hope he becomes the D we drafted him to be. His first few trips up in November he showed flashes of that great passing and consistency in the zone, but tonight he was all business. If he keeps it up I have no problem with him in the top six. Actually we may have no choice thanks to Scottie Updouche over here:

What a ridiculous non-call on the boarding penalty.

Also, did anyone else see John Stevens’ complaints about Roy’s goal?

“I may have left the bench a little early, but it wasn’t intentional,” Roy said. “I saw our guy coming to the bench and I looked away and I just jumped on the ice … and I left early. I’ll take it. I think we outplayed them in the third period, anyway.”

Neither Stevens nor anyone else on Philadelphia’s bench caught the mistake immediately.

“I saw it after the fact,” Stevens said. “It’s a totally blown call. There’s no excuse after that, but that third goal is a killer and it’s a totally blown call.”

Both were terrible calls but I’m not going to get into which one is bigger here. Both should have been called and it’s Stevens’ job to lobby for calls for his team just as much as Lindy lobbied for that boarding penalty on Hank. As much as I’d like to knock Stevens for arguing from hindsight, I just can’t complain about him doing his job. (Thanks to Jon for talking some sense into me on that one…)

For now let’s just be thankful that they showed up for 60 minutes, came away with two points, and gained at least a point on three teams ahead of us in the standings. What’s going tonight? Why, another big, big game.

Some talk about the Caps in a bit.


  1. Chris

    would that first photo be “max balls?”

  2. Dani

    I love when Max celebrates.