Red Wing Ramblings

by Ryan

Can anyone else feel this thing slipping away? A 4-2 final tonight, and I’m too tired to actually formulate paragraphs. Let’s go with some fancy dashes:

– Is that how we are assigning letters now? “He’s a great guy, everyone likes him, and he’s pretty consistent.” Apparently the Sabres captain needs to have the same qualities you look for in a mechanic. When’s the last time you thought an oil change showed leadership ability?

– Our D is awful. Absolutely zero footspeed, no sense of direction in their own zone. Kalinin was a train wreck and Pratt is still woefully slow. Do either of them realize they are in a contract year too? What a joke this “core group” is. The forwards didn’t help either, getting beat to everything loose in the zone.

– We may have to call the Zoo because I think we may have a Big Bear missing. I sure didn’t see him on the ice tonight.

– I think this year’s deadline will once again show Darcy’s inability to make a distinct decision. Weakening the team with Campbell’s deal but not completely retooling is not advantageous in the long run. We would have been better off if Darcy decided to make another move, one that shows either this season is a lost cause or that we are going to make a playoff push. Doing neither is not doing both. Even moving one of the forwards we will lose eventually (Max, Ales, Timmy) would show a decision made either way. This managment is famous for admiting that “we will be less competitive” so why not make a solid roster move that says “we won’t make it this year, but we’re ready for October”?

– I think it’s ironic that people yell “shoot!” when we have the man advantage, then boo when the shot they demanded gets blocked.

– Detroit can flat out pass the puck. Jesus, we’re supposed to be the offensive juggernaut and Detroit just skated right around us. Miller didn’t have a chance on the first three goals.

– Speaking of Miller he was lights out tonight, 4 goals against or otherwise. Give the kid his money now or someone else will.

– I think Roy got tossed from the faceoff circle at least 159 times.

– What the heck was with the gong show on Pomminville’s goal? For once Jason’s nancyboy ways paid off.

– All negativity aside, this team was still a bounce or two away from at least a point. The reason I’m so upset is that they just can’t lose games like these. I can barely count the number of games that played out just like this one on both hands. Tonight, twice againt the Rangers, the opening series against the Isles, pretty much every time we play Boston. At some point those missing points are going to add up, and the way it’s going it will be a two digit number in the conference standings.

Of course when the two teams ahead of us in the standings play they go to a shootout. Balls.


  1. Becky

    Playing pass the puck when there’s 30 seconds left and we’re down by 2 is going to generate some “shoot” calls.

    I disagree with the statement that Miller never had a chance, also made by announcers. Of course he did – he’s the goalie. That’s his job. You’re trying to say that no other netminder would have stopped it? Especially when not even being screened? Difficult yes, but not impossible.

    I think Bernier looked more decisive before he started learning “The System” – now he looks confused…sort of like the rest of the team at times.

  2. Pat

    This is ridiculous

    The fourth goal that was scored was an absolute rocket that Miller had no chance on. Becky, I don’t know if you have ever played goalie, but you generally depend on the players in front of you to not leave the opposing team players standing in the slot waiting for a pass. You should blame that on Max standing there watching the great battle that was going on in the corner, I mean, he gets paid for that…

    Miller had as a much of chance to stop that puck as the Bills do of landing Randy Moss. Sure, its possible, but incredibly unlikely.

    Oh, and in regards to the shoot comment…There will be the idiots who yell that every power play

    But especially when there’s only thirty seconds left, you need to get an open shot, because if you hurry a shot and it gets blocked, there goes any chance of scoring.

    The less time there is, the more important a quality shot is, and if you have to make an extra pass and use up 3 more seconds, so be it…

  3. Ryan

    I agree with Pat on the 4th goal, but what I was thinking about with the comment were the first three goals which were set up with great passing plays. It is completely possible to put a goaltender out of position with a great pass. Even the best goalies are unable to recover good positioning when a pass that quite frankly shouldn’t be possible is made.

    Miller made 35 saves last night. The D needs to step up. Or show up at all.

  4. coolman856

    “Even moving one of the forwards we will lose eventually (Max, Ales, Timmy) would show a decision made either way.”

    I understand the point behind the bullet and I could see Ales being packaged in the San Jose deal but there really is no way that either Max or Timmy were going to be traded at the deadline because of their injuries, or in Max’s case “injuries”.