Protein Shakes and Power Bars

by Ryan

There are times during the season where things just get tiring. Game after game, day after day, the season seems to stretch out and losing games seems inevitable. For me, we’ve been in one of those stretches the past few weeks, something that can’t be good for our playoff hopes. So the question is, what do you do to break this funk up? What can you do to change the ambiance, or the decor if you will?

Well, I got a haircut. This is a big deal for me, you see, as I don’t get many haircuts. In fact, shaving is overrated. For the majority of the year I look a little something like the Orca a few posts down. (With some scalp hair to match the beard…) Today I look a lot like Derek Roy, faux-hawk and all.

It’s the equivalent of going from a homeless man one day to that British exchange student in your Communication Theory class the next. It’s enough of a change to make people think you are a completely different person, and in some aspects I need to be. No more screwing around, this is crunch time for both the Sabres and myself, and so hopefully the physical change will carry over into the psychological aspect of things. Assuming, of course, the Sabres play based on how nice my haircut looks. (Hey, it worked for Vanek…)

Now that we’ve gone into “over share” territory, let’s bring it back and talk about the Hurricanes. Despite what most think, the Hurricanes will make the playoffs even if they don’t win their division. They also aren’t terrible, and haven’t sunk since Captain Fugly-Face’s injury. (I only call him that because I can’t spell Brind’Amour…) Recovering from their captain’s absence is something the Sabres still can’t seem to get right, so I respect them for that.

The last time we met Carolina it looked something like this but I doubt that’s happening again. The Hurricanes need these points to keep that lead over Washington in tact, and although neither of them will go higher than 3rd in the conference, a drop of six positions by losing the Southeast is enough to make you play hard.

The “new look” Canes have moved Mike Commodore and Cory Stillman and added Joe Corvo, Patrick Eaves, and Tuomo Ruutu, someone I’ve always liked myself. The loss of Stillman and Commodore seems to be minimal as of yet, but I’ve always thought of Patrick Eaves as a less talented Timmy Connolly as far as health is concerned. I guess time will tell.

Jochen’s back tonight, and Sparky goes back down the 90. Safe driving there, Clarke.

7PM start from the college basketball court-turned hockey rink that is the RBC Centre. (Hey, it should be spelled like that…)

Go ‘Cuse. Go Sabres.

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  1. Dani

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with perfectly styled Derek Roy [wah] hair. But if you start dressing like him…