Pommer’s Full of Crap

From “Pommer’s Blog” on sabres.nhl.com

We have to take the positives out of last night’s game and I think we played well for 50 minutes, and just kind of had a few collapses in the last 10 minutes unfortunately. We weren’t able to close the deal when we needed to. We got caught in a few situations where we shouldn’t have against a good team and it cost us a game.

The good thing is we still have another chance.

I’m sorry, but what kind of bull is this? How can you title a post like this “Redemption”? What redemption is left? Weren’t the last three years all about redemption and we screwed that up anyways? There aren’t any more chances. There is an opportunity to beat Ottawa on Thursday, yes, but there is no chance for the only thing that really matters: the playoffs.

Maybe he feels differently then I do, but I’m sick of that “take the positives” approach we’ve been fed all year. You do not take positives out of a game where your team only plays 50 minutes. That last ten minutes matter. Not only that, that last ten minutes was the balance of your season.

You had a two goal lead against a team that was completely stagnant and you let them SCORE FIVE GOALS IN THE THIRD PERIOD. Here, let me rephrase that: You allowed four goals in nine minutes. Still, you want to tell me that the first 50 minutes matter because it’s the positives that count. F–k you Captain VaJayJay, you screwed the pooch last night. Deal with it.

Here’s a quick formula for you. Last week we overcame a three goal deficit to Tampa Bay. Beating a team like that means they are a bad team just for letting it happen. Four goals in nine minutes last night. What does that make us?

I’m so sick of searching for a silver lining, reaching for a positive in a night where your team puts forth half a game’s worth of effort. The fact of the matter is that sometime last year this team got lazy. They dogged a few games and turned it on late to give us all those comebacks. It was fun and exciting and showed just how good this team could be, but eventually it became a bad habit.

That bad habit is still there, and when your team gets worse over the course of a calender year habits like that are going to hurt you more and more. What we are left with is a team full of immature hockey players with unmatched potential. A group with no direction and very, very little heart. You want a statement to finish that post with, Pommy, here it is: The good thing is we have no direction.

What a delusional captain.


  1. d

    what a nightmare, the captain is full of crap, he is delusional. just what we need. psycho babel from one of the guys that is supposed to set the tone.

    please let this season be over!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Meg

    I doubt Pominville is delusional so much as unlikely to post what he really thinks on an official blog on the Sabres site. I mean, the blog is a PR tool. I doubt we ever see him being anything other than positive there.

  3. Ryan

    I understand the PR aspect of Jason’s blog, but the much better reaction to last night is to say absolutely nothing. Optimism and the company line will rule supreme of course, but he is in no way obligated to post something as ridiculous as that.

    It is nice of him to try, but even the thought of a post like that laughable.