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Things you need to know about:

Bruins take on the Leafs at 7:30 tonight. We all still freaking hate them, but if Toronto wins we can at least give them a hat tip. Maybe.

Well this is awkward. Flyers @ Rangers, 7:30 on Versus. The Rangers are well out of reach by now, so Chris Drury has my permission to be clutch tonight. Really, NHL.com needs more articles about how clutch he is, especially now that he let my fantasy team down last week. Not cool, man, not cool.

Ovechkin takes on Hartford tonight. Okay, so the Whale doesn’t exist anymore; but isn’t it more fun to imagine Ovie with a harpoon?

The Stress Buffalo is on high alert tonight with Ottawa in town. Three games of import happening right alongside our own. If we lose tonight things get very bleak very fast, but if we get a lead I’d start checking the out of town scores. As always, we need a lot of help to make this possible, but let’s worry about the Sabres taking care of their own end of the bargain first, shall we?

After a nap let’s talk about Ottawa.

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  1. Anne

    Toronto is only 1 point behind us. If we lose and Toronto wins…they’ll be ahead of us…ew. However, this also means the Bruins will be stagnant. I’m so conflicted. I guess we hope for a Leafs win?