Pay the Kid

Everyone knows who’s up next, and once again we are all saying Darcy won’t let it happen again. The fact of the matter is that Ryan Miller is the real deal. He is, he’s a starting goaltender that is finally carrying this team down the stretch, keeping them in games that they simply do not deserve. On Saturday night the Sabres stole a point from Carolina, but the real story was that Miller kept this team’s playoff hopes alive.

No matter what numbers you have in your mind right now, know this: Miikka Kiprusoff will make $8 million in 09/10. If you think some other GM won’t pay Miller that you’re out of your mind.

Once again, you’re move, Darcy.


  1. coolman856

    Darcy’s head will be on a pole in the middle of Lafayette Square if he doesnt sign Ryan Miller. Plain and simple.

  2. twoeightnine

    Couldn’t agree more. Ryan is the face of the franchise, time to pay him whatever it takes.

  3. Ryan

    I’m not sure if we want to deface the obelisk like that, but I’m with you Coolman.

  4. Anne

    Sometimes I think its an exaggeration to say Miller literally won a game for the team. But, even though we didn’t beat the Hurrilames, Miller LITERALLY stole that point for us.

  5. coolman856

    I was just talking about a generic pole, we could put it in Niagara Square too near the fountain.