One Shining Moment

by Rich

I know, it’s trite. It’s cliche. Deal with it. It is now officially March Madness, the single best sporting event of the year. You can have the Super Bowl (and all the commercials and “I was popular 22 years ago” halftime shows that go with it), I’ll take the Big Dance any day.

You see, in most sports, the regular season establishes your legacy. In college football, you already know what kind of season you’ve had before you play your bowl game (unless you’re playing for the national title). Right now? Nobody’s story is set in stone, and you can watch whatever storyline you choose. You can check out the blue-blood No. 1 seeds seeking another banner, or watch some kid who will be working at a car dealership in six months try and drag a mid-major team full of nobodies into the Sweet Sixteen by pure force of will/heart/grit/hustle. There’s veteran squads who know exactly what to do under pressure, and freshman phenoms going for it all in (probably) their only college season. March has something to offer everyone.

So whether you want to see UCLA cut down the nets, see how far Drew Neitzel can take Michigan State in his last shot at the dance, see if Michael Beasley is this year’s Melo, see who this year’s Cinderella story is, or (like me) if you just want to see how far your school can go, the next few weeks are going to be entertaining. All the more so when you add Gus Johnson to the mix.

…So let’s go dancin’.