One Bright Spot

by Ryan

I really, really dislike almost everything about a Versus broadcast. Their announcers are awful, their camera angles for shootouts are bizarre, and I really don’t like the phrase “poetic justice” anymore. However, they did manage to do something last night that almost redeems them. They showed this after Pominville’s shootout goal:

Look at Lindy all business while Goose tries to get his attention:

A closer view of the rally helmet:

Goose in a rally cap is just classic. It’s too bad Gomez scored no more than 20 seconds later or I would have really enjoyed that…


  1. Dani


    Greatest moment everrrrrr.

  2. Kate

    Ha! Ryan, I totally took pictures of this last night, but my television is so shitty the pictures were useless. Thanks for having an awesome television and the good sense necessary to know what needed to be done. I think I speak for the entire internet when I say, thank you kind sir, thank you.

  3. Anne

    Yes I’ve been trying to find pictures of that. One of the greatest moments of the season (nevermind that we lost), brought to you by Gooooooooose.

  4. Jon

    Also, I find it funny that the slug on goose’s logo in the last picture was turned green by the distortion of the picture and/or the tv set, NOT because he loves the environment.

  5. Ryan

    You are all welcome, it was my pleasure.

    I wasn’t home to watch it but knew it was on my DVR. If I knew more about it I would have taken the video, his quasi-fist pump was pretty great.

  6. Amy

    I wish we could have seen if more of the team picked up on the rally helmets.