Nolan <3s Miley

by Ryan

As hard as it may be to believe I am not a music snob. I’ve quoted Ryan Adams, The Weakerthans, Radiohead, and quite a few other bands out there. Most of them are just as available for criticism as any band I could mention in some lame joke about Casey Kasem.

So when I take a look at the Sabres’ musical selections it is a mere curiosity. I’m not going to make fun of anyone’s love for Nickelback or something like that. Still, after every game I check the iTunes selections on the off chance something absolutely amazing is selected.

Today is that day.

Nolan went the simple route and picked from three artists. One of them is Seether. Another is Chevelle. What’s that last pick?

Wow. Bravo Nolan Pratt. Not only did you pick Hannah Montana, you picked her twice.

There are two possible scenarios here. The first is that he did it for his daughter. According to this blog post from the lockout he has a daughter, so there’s that. (Just top notch journalism around here…)

The other possibility, which I find much more appealing, is that Nolan Pratt is downright hysterical. He got the chance to pick songs to be played in front of 18,790 people that show off his unique musical tastes and he picked the stylings of an imaginary child of Billy Ray Cyrus. Outstanding.

What’s that? Maybe he actually likes her? Nah, then he’d be a huuuuuge loser. Psh.


  1. Anne

    I recall an interview he did with Kevn Sylvester (I think it was his edition of The Morning Skate) where he talks about how much his daughter loves Miley Cyrus, so let’s hope that it was for her benefit and not because he secretly loves her vanilla Disney-fied pop.

  2. Heather B.

    I’m not gonna front, I like Miley Cyrus and I love Pratt for picking her, no matter what his reasons.

  3. Danielle

    YES YES I SAW THAT! hahahaha! Oh wow. Talk about greatest dad ever, huh? I’m new here, but let me just say I loved the picture of Peters and the sick slug. That’s sad that I just said I liked the ill Buffalo, but it’s true. I apologize. It had me rolling on the floor in laughter.

  4. Jon

    Welcome, Danielle!

    Ryan’s photoshop skills continue to amaze the masses

  5. Danielle

    P.S. Jon… I’m from Lockport too!

  6. Dave

    Pshhtttt Ryan.

    Who Doesnt <3 Miley.

  7. Jon

    @ Danielle

    Woo! Lockport! Do I know you?

  8. Danielle

    Yes, the spectacular LP!

    Jon… I don’t know… who you are. haha. Or how old you are. For all I know you could be a 50 year old creepy rapist. I’m guessing not because you like the Goose too, but in Lockport…

  9. Jon

    haha I was just kidding.

    But I’m not a rapist….. really….

  10. Danielle

    No, no. I was trying to think if I knew you. It’s all good.

    “I’m not worried because a rapist wouldn’t have a bed like that.”~Mike Birbiglia

    I hope you know who Mike Birbiglia is because if not, it would just look retarded and I would be the creepy one.