No Help

by Ryan

The Flyers wanted to choke, they really did. Outplaying the Thrashers for a full 59 minutes they almost screwed the pootch when they started letting Kovalchuk sit alone in the slot. With thirty seconds left he got his 50th. You could see the wheels cascading off the bus, shrapnel flying everywhere. As the puck dropped and Philly got it deep, you thought maybe this thing was over after all.

Then it happened. Someone gets the puck behind the net, and Ilya somehow slides back into the slot. The puck just seemed to follow him around in that last minute. The Philly D suddenly turned into raw sewage and there’s Kovy all alone with the puck drifting to him with less then ten to go….


It looks like he was hit with a sniper rifle, but it was only the right pad of Antero Niittymaki. So, so close. I wasn’t exactly impressed with Philly in the win (Hotlanta only mustered 19 shots and are playing for the first pick overall) but whatever, two points are two points.

The Pens let us down last night as well, dropping a 5-2 decision to the Rangers. I didn’t see that game, but I do know one thing: Sean Avery is freaking annoying. What the hell is that little thing he does when he scores goals? Is he doing “jazz hands” or high fiving all those mimes he keeps in a box above his head?

I’m almost positive that Alex Ovechkin is Zeus. Seriously, if Vanek is Atlas (sometimes) then AO is the ruler of all the universe. Another three point night, putting him at 57 goals on the year. He was also seen tossing thunderbolts at J.P Dumont and reportedly chained Scott Nichol to a rock for giving Cristobol Huet a match after the game. Rumor has it the flesh eating eagle is on backorder.

Oh, a 4-1 final means the Caps are still only two points out of a playoff spot.

How does it feel to wake up in 10th place?