Meet your free agent!

By Jon

Stealing the idea that Rich had a few days ago, it’s time to meet the Bills’ new linebacker.

He may not be so popular with our female readers.

Kawika (kuh-vee-kuh) Mitchell was drafted in the second round (47th overall) of 2003 by the Chefs Chiefs. He spent four seasons with the Chiefs, and was their leading tackler in 05 and 06.

Mitchell signed a 1-year, 1 million dollar contract with the Giants prior to last season after their attempt to acquire Al Wilson fell through. He won a starting spot at OLB in training camp, and started every game for the Super Bowl champs. He finished with 76 tackles, 3.5 sacks, and an interception return for a TD that some of you might remember.

There is something quite disturbing, however. As seen in this video, his hat seems to fall in the dreaded “douchebag zone“. For those unfamiliar with the douchebag zone, please refer to the Buffalo Cane (Second bullet point, three quarters of the way down.)

So welcome, Kawika. Here’s hoping that you can help shore up our D.

One Comment

  1. Anne

    You know, being a female reader I can tell you that you are 100%……totally right about that dude. He’s not exactly easy on the eyes, but if he does good thing for the Bills he can have a face like retarded bulldog and I’ll love him. Jaro Spacek is one of my favorite Sabres and he ain’t exactly being featured in EPSN’s Sexiest Male Athletes poll results any time soon.