In the Mix

by Ryan

It was one of those nights that just started well and didn’t go all to hell. You kept waiting for it to happen, bracing yourself when Toronto would make a push, but the goaltender was there when you expected it and the team came through.

A win like this in November is just a good road game, but when you go in and blow the doors off a team suddenly breathing down your neck it is a great, spiritually uplifting win. The last 48 hours could have broken us all, squashed the last possible hopes of making even a peep in this conference full of big talkers. It may have taken a while, but 13 goals in two games is more than enough to prove that this team can roar when it wants to.

The question remains, is this a fluke or the final, oft-delayed push to the playoffs? One of my major problems with this team has been a lack of consistency and motivation, something I have blamed on coaching. Whether it is the case or not, Lindy made a statement to this team before Friday’s game and the change is evident. If it will continue is up to those same players, but they won’t have anything to say about it until Wednesday.

Standings will change and all we can hope is that their attitude will remain the same. Know this, tonight we are closer then we’ve been to the 8th spot in quite some time. No matter what those standings look like come Wednesday, remember this feeling. If the attitude stays the same we will be this close again. Hope is a powerful thing, and as close as those numbers have been we haven’t had a reason for hope in some time.

It’s not often we get a chance to root for Malkin and Ovechkin on the same day, but tomorrow we have that chance. Pens/Flyers at noon on NBC and Caps/Bruins at 3. We shall master the art of scoreboard viewing together, my friends.

One game at a time.