by Ryan

Wow. Holy crap. Good God.

If you would have given me the final score of “7-4 Buffalo” I would have been satisfied right off the bat. However games like this are what the Cone of Silence is all about.

I really don’t know what to say about this game. No idea. Tonight was flat out ridiculous. No, wait, not even a proper word can describe what we saw tonight. Let’s go with “redonkulous”. Yes, tonight was so crazy I just quoted Stu Scott’s lazy eye.

Only Thomas Vanek would believe being behind the goalie on that play is the perfect position. What a night for him. It’s too bad we can’t play Tampa eight times a year, because we’re pretty much a lock for a hatter per night from Vanek at this point. Freaking expanded schedule next year… he could be a 60 goal scorer.

I really don’t want to ruin this with words, but let me close with this: We made a lot of mistakes tonight and that still worries me to death. In fact, that’s partially why I’m still up. However, when you look at the Flyers game last night you can see just as many mistakes. In fact, you could say that their barely hanging on is worse then our storming back.

It may sound crazy, but if you had to pick between that Flyers team with those injuries and goaltending issues with a game in hand and a point or this Sabres team in 9th and flying, I’d have a hard time taking the Flyers straight up. Add in the fact that Teppo could be back in a week and I may not think twice about taking the underdog.

Call me crazy, but after tonight anything seems possible.