Drury Can’t Fail

Two teams left to chase if, you know, you’re into that kinda thing.

If you are into that kind of thing (read: hopeless optimism), here are the two teams we have a crack at, as well as their remaining schedules.

Bruins, Currently 7th (91 points)

Games remaining:

@Devils (Wednesday)
@Senators (Friday)
Sabres (Saturday)

Flyers, Currently 8th (91 pts)

Games remaining:

@Penguins (Wednesday)
Devils (Friday)
Penguins (Sunday)

And now… what’s on the table for the Sabres:

Sabres, Currently 10th (86 pts)

Games remaining:

@Toronto (Tuesday)
@Canadiens (Thursday)
@Bruins (Saturday)

Because the Sabres’ max points is 92, to make the playoffs the teams above them (at least one of them) have to lose out. This is the time of year that overtime points make things tricky, because the second tiebreaker (total wins is first) will be head to head matchup (points earned in head to head games). Boston currently leads that tiebreak 10-8, while we beat Philly 7-3. If my logic on that is correct, the Flyers can gain a point in an overtime loss and we will still be ahead of them in the standings if we both wind up with 92 points. (Don’t quote me here, I’m just a blogger…)

If you are wondering why I don’t include Washington in all this, well, I’ll get to that tomorrow. Just something to think about if you want to find something to believe in.