Dear John Tortorella,

Thank you for wasting your timeout in the second period with a two goal lead when you just wanted to give your hobbit a rest. It must be hard getting him seven square meals a day.

Anyway, we really appreciated your inability to stop the bleeding after Goose dominated that faceoff and finally gave some life to the team. Really, the ten minutes or so that followed was pretty cool.

The good news is that you have Dan Boyle locked up, he should totally be worth $6.6 mill/year in 2013. Yes, yes, I know, Lecavalier is the best player in the world. In the history of time. Forever. I get it, can you do some real coaching now?

No? Okay, fine by me…

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  1. danielleia

    “He needs a stepladder.”-Neale

    Hobbit? Ew. Don’t say that. Poor St. Louis and his 5’9 little big man syndrome. Maybe if it helps him, I’m way shorter than that and he’s good looking… not as much as Vinny though.

    It looked like even the Sabres <3 Vinny for a while there 😛