Brains, Littering, and Half Price Slushies

by Ryan

Rich said it right, the next two days are the best days of the year. Still, while I’m watching basketball all day my mind keeps sliding back to last night. There really is just so much to talk about. But not in paragraphs, that makes too much sense and the Kentucky/Marquette game is still close. Let’s go with some dashes:

– Did anyone else notice Ramo’s mask from last night? Look closely:

That’s right, brains. Mmmmn… brains.

– Vanek’s second goal (the game winner) was pretty fantastic. I was writing my “Cone of Silence” post when that happened but made a note of it by typing “He used his freaking foot as a fulcrum point!!!” at the bottom. I’ve never seen someone actually try to do that and have it work. Vanek must have paid attention in his physics class at Minnesota.

– Speaking of Vanek, is it some unwritten rule that we aren’t allowed to know when our players score hat tricks until the game is over? You would think in the age of HD replays that the scorers could get it right the first time or within the next five minutes, but no one knew Vanek had another natural hat trick until well after the opportunity to litter. Bummer.

– Why the heck do we get Sonic commercials ad nauseam if we don’t have one anywhere in the state? Here’s the map Sonic’s website gave me:

Yeah, the closest one is 180.4 miles from my house. Somehow I just don’t think Tarentum, PA when I think half price soft drinks.

– Checking around the Al Gores most hockey bloggers outside of Buffalo aren’t giving the Sabres much of a chance to make the playoffs. I’m struggling with this because all we need to do is win 6 or 7 games and have Philly continue to play .500 hockey. Those last two games against Boston are getting bigger and bigger as the season goes on.

While two against Ottawa and a game against the Habs is tough, the consensus around here is that we can split that Sens series and even lose against Montreal and still have a chance at getting the eight seed. With the goal scoring ability this team has and possibly some D help on the way, how can you write a team like this off? It may be unnecessary optimism, but I can’t see us finishing worse then 9th at this point.

– I know most of you are aware of these shirts by now, but I’ve been meaning to give our local photoshop god 289 some major credit for his Kaleta shirts. I’m a big fan of the “Kaleta Collision” one.

For the record, if he ever makes a Gaustad shirt I will buy at least six…


  1. danielleia

    😀 KALETA!

    Did Vanek’s goal not freak you out a little? I watched the puck and it was just suspended in mid air waiting for him. Hot.

  2. TheSharpie

    It is the right of every Buffalo sports fan to be an unbridled optimist when the world says we can’t do something. Look at the Bills — every year for the past 8 or 10 years they’ve been looking for one man to save them. I’ve seen them need to win several games and have other teams loose and WNY still knows they have a chance. (Although I am not a football fan I think this could be a very big year for the Bills).

    We’re not out yet, and we can and will make the playoffs.

  3. TheTick

    I am with you on the Sonic commercials. I am wagering they bank on Buffalonians to be traveling south, that or they just get a volume discount on airtime.

    I like 289’s The Kaleta! shirt, and the Lynch Beast Mode.