by Ryan

Guess who’s back?

I’m not so sure about the logic here, but I guess shaking things up is good. We’ll have to see if replacing one crappy D for another, less experienced crappy D will change anything.

I’m not even going to address Andrew Peters.

Also, the numbers we all need to know according to Mirtle M.D…


Let’s hope that first number starts going down some.


  1. coolman856

    10-5-1 still puts us in 9th spot because the way he calculates it he doesn’t factor in the fact that the Southeast gets a spot. So actually, we would need to win more than 10. Could we do it? I dont really think so. I count at most 8 wins in the last 16.

  2. Northern Slacker

    Hey – didn’t our guys just play the habs?

  3. Ryan


    I’m pretty sure his numbers are off, he has us listed with 17 games left and I only count 16. Also, it’s a tough road for sure. I was going to post some numbers on the remaining teams left but I didn’t get around to it last night. Maybe for tomorrow…

    Northern Slacker,

    We were going to post the vid but it seemed to have made the rounds before any of us were near a computer. It’s a nice move and a soft goal for Price. I expected better of the kid. Thanks for giving the link, though, I may post about that, too..